Fromage Forte (“Strong Cheese”)

What a terrific, flavorful way to use leftover cheese.  Cheerfully inform your guests that they are eating leftovers.  They will pretend to be offended… and then reach for thirds.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Serves 6-8

5 pieces of bread, cut into appetizer-size pieces.  Hearty crackers could also work, although they don’t need to be toasted.
1 pound leftover cheese pieces (blue, brie, cheddar, Provolone, the more the better)
1/2 cup white wine
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
1/2 teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper

Preheat the broiler.  Place the bread slices on a baking tray and toast to a light brown, about 1 minute on each side. Meanwhile, using a food processor, puree the cheese, wine, garlic and black pepper.   

Spread a tablespoon or so of the cheese mixture on each toast triangle and broil for an additional minute, then serve to sighs of appreciation.  

Tip:  Fromage Forte freezes well, making this recipe a unque way to ‘save’ cheese long term.

Adapted from “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 5-Minute Appetizers,” by Tod Dimmick

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