Tagliatelle with Zucchini, Red Pepper, and Heirloom Tomato

The fresh sweet taste of summer vegetables shine through the creamy tagliatelle.  It’s even better with fresh pasta.

Prep time:  10 minutes
Cook time:  10 minutes
Serves:  4-6

1 pound fresh tagliatelle pasta
Olive oil
2 zucchini squash, 1/2 inch dice
1 large sweet red pepper, 1/2 inch dice
1 medium onion, 1/4 inch dice (about 2/3 cup)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon minced fresh rosemary
one large or several small heirloom tomatoes, 1/2 inch dice
1/3 cup diced pancetta
Freshly shredded Parmesan cheese

Boil water for pasta.

While water is heating, heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in a large saute pan or skillet over medium heat and saute the zucchini, sweet pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, and rosemary, stirring occationally, for 8 minutes or until squash is tender crisp.  Stir in tomatoes, and remove from heat.

When water is boiling, cook the pasta according to package directions.  Drain cooked pasta in a colander, and pour in to a serving dish.  Top with the cooked vegetables, and sprinkle generously with shredded Parmesan cheese.

Serve, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper.  Enjoy with a glass of rosé and a view, either real or in your mind’s eye.

Variations:  You could easily omit the pancetta for a vegetarian dish.

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